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Children playing at kindergarden


Our education program is programmed and implemented one-to-one for children's progress in packages and accompanies children's learning processes. In our training, experts in the field; work in the field of reading, writing, and phonology.

A Professional and Two Kids


Dyslexic children may lose their self-confidence if they fail in school classes. Depending on this, other psychological problems may begin. Unfortunately, there is a possibility that they could not learn to read and be mocked by their peers. They may have to deal with peer bullying. On the other hand, because children with dyslexia are so thoughtful, it is only a matter of time before they are negatively affected by the environment and become pessimistic.

At the point of support with this and different psychological processes, therapy services are provided by psychologists in our institution.

Playing with Wooden Toys


Attention deficit, which can be called comorbidity of dyslexia, complicates the process for dyslexic children. In our institution, according to the needs of children, sustainable, selective, divided, focused, active, and passive attention studies are studied with children within the course materials.

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